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“Indianapolis is home to the Indy 500, an event in which there is only one winner and a whole lot of professionals making nothing but a series of left turns that get them absolutely nowhere. Indianapolis is also home to Mary Beth Braun, a Certified Dream Manager that produces nothing but winners who run in the right circles. Mary Beth is a colleague but maybe more importantly, Mary Beth is my Dream Manager. In a city where champions toot their own horn, Mary Beth is more concerned about waving the checkered flag for her clients. If you're constantly living your life under a caution flag, put Mary Beth on your team and we'll see you in the winner's circle.”

- Thom Monahan

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Helpful Links:

ReplenishPDX - The resource packed website of Founder and Functional Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama.   Full of extraordinary resources and programs to help you with your nutrition and health. 

Floyd Consulting - A consulting company helping people and companies become the best versions of themselves so they can grow, sustain and thrive.   This particular link directs you to the dream builder exercise - an exercise to help you begin to identify your dreams.


The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose
Matthew Kelly, the charismatic minister, speaker and best-selling author from down under, wants you to live life out loud and on purpose. In this expanded version ofThe Rhythm of Life he syntheses Christian theology, cognitive psychology and storytelling to unpack the paradox of being happy. As Kelly explains, "We want to be happy. We know what makes us happy. But we don't do those things--because we are busy trying to be happy."



Yoga Conditioning for Athletes DVD
Designed specifically for athletes interested in using yoga to cross-train, this 60-minute program builds endurance, improves focus, and strengthens key muscles used in many sports, from golf to football. Strengthen muscles that don't get attention in the gym and outperform competitors in your sport with this yoga for athletes conditioning DVD taught by Rodney Yee. Suggested props: Mat, brick, strap, chair and blanket.