• The Definition of Success

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    "Success is having many of the things money can buy and all of the things money can't buy." - Kent Burns   What do people want?
  • Empowerment vs. Entitlement

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Seems I've reached the age where I talk about the "good old days" of when I grew up and times were very different.   I'm certain it
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“For most of my adult life, I have struggled with severe neck discomfort and limited mobility, perhaps as little as 50 percent range from side to side.  I’ve been to various doctors, tried stretching, anti-inflammatory medicine, anything I could think of.   Needless to say, I also tried a number of massage therapists which little or no success.


Two years ago, I was introduced to Mary Beth.  She immediately recognized the issue and embarked on a treatment program that was specific and effective.  The early sessions were slightly uncomfortable but overcoming 30 years of problems isn’t easy.  Today, I am considerably more comfortable and have increased my range to approximately 75/80 percent from side to side.


Mary Beth has a client for life, and has my highest recommendation.”

- Rich




  • Do you feel stress? (run down, tired, lacking energy to live the life you want)
  • Are you in transition? (Change in relationships, work, health)
  • Are you fully satisfied with your personal and professional life?
  • Are your relationships thriving?
  • Do you have core habits of nutrition, movement and self care that sustain your energy?

I can help!  As your coach, I will collaborate with you to assess where you are and provide an opportunity create a personalized plan for you to thrive.  

How coaching works:

  • A personalized, whole person approach to creating strategies to move forward towards your goals
  • An opportunity to work with a person who is non-judgemental and will listen to your concerns
  • A process that involves asking powerful questions to help you find the motivation to make and sustain the changes you desire?
  • A guide to help you overcome obstacles and maximize the possibility of your success
  • A myriad of resources to help you make the changes you want

My training:

  • Certified Dream Manager (Ultimate Life Coach)
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach (Duke Integrative Medicine)
  • Holistic Nutrition Lab Graduate (Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist and Replenish PDX)
  • Trained Coachwell Pro Executive Coach
  • 20 Year Small Business Owner
  • Past National President of the American Massage Therapy Asscocation (55,000+ members and 18 million dollar budget)

Methods used:

  • Personalized Planning
  • Matthew Kelly's The Dream Manager and Off Balance
  • Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health

Integrative Health Coach and Life Coach Pricing:

30 minute Introductory Session: Complementary

Single and Discovery Session: $165.

New Client Packages:

Jump Start: 1 Discovery session plus 3 sessions: $130./session

Momentum: 1 Discovery session plus 6 sessions: $110./session

Returning Clients:

6 Sessions: $115./session

9 Sessions: $110./session

12 Sessions: $100./session

Professional Executive Coaching:

Single Visit: $195.

New Clients:

7 Sessions:  1 Discovery plus 6 follow up sessions: $180/session

Returning Clients: