Daily Launching and Landing

How you launch (start your day) and land (end your day) daily interactions for yourself and with those you care about can determine the tone and energy of your day.

Launching is how you start your day and involves the personal routines and rituals you need to create momentum and energy for the day. This might include:

  • Exercise
  • Silence, prayer or meditation
  • Showering and getting dressed for the day
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast

Launching with your spouse/significant and your kids (if you have them) other involves cultivating a ritual of time and activities to give them your undivided attention. This can be:

  • A hug goodbye and wishing them to have a good day
  • Enjoying morning coffee or breakfast together with no screens (TV, cell phone, tablet) on

Landing occurs at the end of the day, when you arrive home for evening activities.

Good landing rituals can involve:

  • A hug and/or kiss hello
  • Time to connect and download the day with each other with no screens

Landing your personal day involves routines and rituals you personally need to wind down before you go to sleep for the night. Landing activities might include:

  • Changing into comfortable clothes
  • Preparing a nourishing meal
  • An evening shower
  • Exercise

Practical Resources on Daily Launching and Landing: