Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)

Dan Goleman, a psychologist and science journalist, revolutionized business leadership and performance with the publication of his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence (EI). The premise is that intelligence is not solely reliant on IQ (intelligence quotient)—the measurement of your ability to think and reason. It is also reliant on your EQ (emotional quotient) or your ability to recognize and manage your own emotions as well as your ability to understand and influence the emotions of those with whom you interact.

In 2007, veteran Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan, a.k.a “the Jolly Good Fellow,” developed a course that married mindfulness, neuroscience and EI together called “Search Inside Yourself.” Now an independent company, its results and impact speak for itself: https://siyli.org/results

The main components of EI are (Click on title for a video explanation):

EI is a vast subject and this section is meant to be an introduction to the topic as well as to illuminate for you the areas where it might be useful for you to improve.

The main realization to glean is IQ (the ability to think and reason) coupled with EQ (your emotional quotient) generally creates better relationships, performance and leadership.

Practical Resources on Emotional Intelligence:
Mindfulness in Business: