Individual and Shared Dream Lists

A dream list is a list of things you would love to happen in your lifetime. Your dreams, those you have personally and the ones you share with someone else, are the things and activities you value and think will bring you happiness.

Just as important as your individual dream list is developing and writing down your shared dream list with your spouse/significant other.

Dream List:
Each year, take some time to write down your dreams for the year and put a financial impact to each dream. Open a separate savings account for your dreams and determine how you both will contribute the savings.

Dreams could include:

  • Vacations and getaways
  • Home projects
  • Entertainment such as concerts, plays and sporting events
  • Saving for specific things such as retirement, paying down a mortgage, college savings or charity contributions
  • Regular date nights
  • Holiday and birthday celebrations and gifts

Platinum Dream List:
In addition to the yearly dream list, make a platinum dream list. This list includes your top 10-15 dreams that you feel you must do in your lifetime. These are the dreams that matter most to you to accomplish. Put a financial impact on them and begin saving for them.

Platinum dream list might include:

  • The 1-3 places you’d like to visit
  • Your ideal retirement/end-of-work scenario
  • Your legacy: actions and character-building activities
  • Spending quality time with a spouse/significant other, kids, parents, family and friends
  • Your ideal health vision, for example, aging well with health and flexibility
  • Entertainment such as a major concert, play or sporting event (U2 at Red Rocks, Wicked on Broadway or the Super Bowl)

Practical Resources on Individual and Shared Dream Lists:

Pick a dream, write it down, make a plan and take some action towards achieving it. Connecting well with your dreams will give you energy to connect well with those who matter most in your life.