Mind Well - Mental Rituals

You will experience changes in your mind and brain as you age. Genetics, anything that restricts blood flow (e.g., high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol and high stress), exercise and mental health, amongst other factors, can affect your mind and brain health.

The good news is keeping your brain active and continually learning new things will cultivate the creation of neural pathways also known as neuroplasticity. When you intentionally use your mind and brain, and incorporate healthy activities such as regularly identifying things you’re grateful for, following a nourishing diet, exercising (both body and brain) and keeping stress at a manageable level, it will stay healthier.

You have the power to mind well by practicing these Mental Rituals.

Pick a ritual and take some small action or you know you need support, reach out to connect with me for a single or series of sessions to help you on your path to Mind Well.