Productivity: Personal Energy

Consistently recharging your personal energy will help you be productive and engaged in your work. (See the Ritual pages for ideas on how to create your personal energy plan.)

Take some time to reflect on what is included in your morning and evening routines that aids in you having your best days. Include activities that you can take part in daily that give you energy and help you recharge.

A morning routine might include:

  • Silence, prayer, meditation
  • Reading the paper or a book
  • Exercise
  • A nourishing meal
  • A shower and self-care routine
An evening routine might include:
  • Changing into comfortable clothes
  • A shower and self-care routine
  • Preparing and eating a nourishing meal
  • Exercise
  • A cup of tea or decaf coffee
  • Turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before bed
  • Reflecting on at least one thing you’re grateful for

Practical Resources on Personal Energy: