Productivity: Weekly Planning & Review

Scheduling and reviewing what you accomplished in the past week as well as planning your week ahead will go a long way in helping be engaged and effective in your work and life.

There are two keys to blocking out time for your work.

  1. The first is to have a master to-do list in One Note, Wunderlist (link to app) or some other note-taking method. Once you have the list, assign an estimated time it will take to complete each task and schedule it in your calendar, remembering to put the most important tasks at the time when you are personally most productive.
  2. The second is to know yourself and your productivity style. Are you able to chunk out time for tasks and reengage readily? OR Do you need to fully engage and complete a task all at once? For example, you have a task that will take you 2 hours to complete. Are you able to work on it in 30-minute increments or do you need to focus for the full 2 hours and complete the task?

In addition to reflecting on your work week, take time to reflect on what you accomplished with your personal goals and how you connected in your most important relationships.

Take simple steps for planning your upcoming week and schedule them in your calendar:

  • Professional: Determine your top 1-3 priorities
  • Self-determine your top 1-3 priorities for yourself
  • Relationships: Determine how you will spend quality time with your most significant relationships

Practical Resource on Weekly Planning & Review: