Recharging + Energy

“Your experience of life expands the more energy you have.” — Matthew Kelly

Energy is the uber-ultimate gauge of feeling well and indicator of where you are on the continuum of living your best and healthiest life.

With energy, you can cultivate and sustain habits that will help you be your healthiest self — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If your energy is less than optimal for you, it will impair your ability to live your healthiest life.

Having and sustaining your optimal level of energy will also help you feel motivated to take actions towards your goals and dreams.

Creating and maintaining your energy lies in the choices and decisions you make.

There are two ways to help you with your energy:

  • Ask the question, “If I say yes to X, what will the return on energy (ROE) be for me? Will it increase or decrease my energy?"
    • Use the answer to discern whether it is worth the energetic impact to say yes.
  • Make a list of activities, places, people, foods and things that increase your energy and, conversely, make a list of activities, places, people, foods and things that decrease your energy.
    • Come up with a plan to include more of the energy enhancers and choose less of the energy drainers.

First Steps:

Every day for the next 30 days:

  • Practice using the concept of ROE in your decision-making.
  • Plan to include one activity, place, person or food in your day every day that gives you a positive ROE.
  • Consciously choose and reduce an activity, place, interaction with a person or food in your day that depletes your energy.

Practical Resources on Recharging and Energy: