Work Well - Professional Rituals

You will spend roughly one-third of your life or more working. How engaged and happy you are at work are the keys to feeling professionally fulfilled, satisfied and motivated to be productive.

Myriad factors contribute to engagement and happiness in your work—some are within your control, and some are not.

Those within your control are how you cultivate your personal energy, master your workflow and create great professional relationships.

In this Work Well section, we start by focusing on productivity and then dive into emotional intelligence.

Productivity, in its purest definition, means the rate and efficiency of accomplishing useful work. How productive you are is dependent upon:

  • Your personal energy
  • How you engage in productivity hacks that make sense for you
  • Mastering your schedule and workflow
  • Effective daily and weekly planning and reviews

You have the power to work well by practicing these Professional Rituals.

If you need support on your journey to working well, connect with me for a single or series of sessions