Charitable Giving

Whether you donate your time, talent or money to a charity, a study at the Cleveland Clinic finds that charitable giving is good for your physical and emotional health. Need more evidence? Read “Why Giving is Good For Your Health” in the practical resource section.

To determine which way you would like to give, it is important to know yourself. Ask yourself the following questions to help you:

  • Do you like to be involved with others in a group at an office, rally or protest?
  • Do you have a talent that you could donate to a charitable organization?
  • Would you be best served by donating money so others could actively participate?

Once you know the answers, you can figure out how is best for you to give back.

Take some time to reflect on causes you’re passionate about. Examples might include:

  • Feeding the poor
  • Clean water
  • Health care research
  • Veterans and military
  • Animals and animal protection
  • Thousands of other wonderful causes

Practical Resources on Charitable Giving: