Get on Your List

In my 23 years of combined medical massage and coaching experience, I have found that people tend to put themselves at the bottom of their lists in favor of taking care of other people or putting other priorities ahead of themselves.

Oxygen Mask

As you journey towards better physical health and/or healthy aging, it is imperative that you get back to the top of your list. Just as the airplane announcement directs, it is important to put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.

Taking care of yourself not only empowers you with more energy to live your best and healthiest life, it enables you to take better care those people and priorities who matter most in your life.

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care involves quelling the thought that taking care of yourself and your needs is somehow selfish. It involves loving yourself and making a daily investment in living your habits so that love and energy ripple out to the people, activities and experiences in your life.

Aging well and healthfully requires vigilant and consistent action and care.

If you allow yourself to drop to the bottom or, worse yet, off your list entirely, the consequences will likely result in less energy, zest for life and ultimately a less-than-optimal health and aging process.

How do you begin?

There is no one right way to embark on your journey to better health or healthy aging. Consider these different paths and choose: