Mindful Money & Legacy

According to the American Psychological Association 2015 survey, Stress in America: Paying With Our Health, 72% of Americans reported feeling stressed about money in the prior month. Stress, whether from finances or worry about your legacy, can lead to other health conditions like anxiety, depression, blood pressure amongst others.

In order to keep stress at bay, live the life you want to live, and leave the legacy you desire, it makes sense for you be mindful about your financial health and reflect upon what kind of legacy you would like to leave behind.

Money may not be your forte or something exciting to think about, however, it is critically linked to your stress levels, health and your ability to live your best and healthiest life. Getting your financial house in order and dedicating every dollar towards a purpose will bring you to a better and happier place in life.

If money doesn’t seem exciting, reflecting upon the legacy you wish to leave behind and your vision for your life may seem even more bleak. The greatest gift you could leave your loved ones is to get your legal legacy documents in order. The loss they will feel after you have passed from the earth will be great and leaving them without instructions will make the grief journey more challenging.

You have the power to be more mindful with money by practicing these Financial and Legacy Rituals.

If you know you need support you on your journey to being more mindful with money and your legacy, connect with me for a single or series of sessions